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The dentists at Parkgate Village Dental Centre understand that the appearance of your teeth can affect how you feel about yourself. We want the outcome of your dental procedures to not only improve the quality of your teeth, but to boost your confidence as well. That is why we offer teeth whitening in our office and kits for treatment at home.

Teeth Whitening Packages

Parkgate Village Dental Centre offers syringes, applicators, and custom-molded bleaching trays to assist you in whitening your teeth at home. All it takes is 15 minutes per day to be on your way to whiter teeth. Please contact us for more information.

VELscope® Exam Available

Make sure your mouth stays healthy with a VELscope exam. One of our VELscope oral health exams takes just 2 minutes to conduct. We'll be able to detect any abnormalities, to ensure your oral health stays great.

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