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Contact Our Dental Centre in North Vancouver in Case of Any Dental Issue

When it comes to dental health, sometimes issues arise that require prompt evaluation and treatment. Maybe an accident has caused a tooth to come loose or you find that a crown has come out of place or what seemed like a dull toothache has not subsided after several days. Regardless of the issue, you feel that seeing your dentist as soon as possible is vital.

At Parkgate Village Dental Centre, we understand that dental emergencies can happen when you least expect them and often need to be addressed promptly. That’s why our team works to accommodate patients who require last-minute appointments in the case of an emergency. Our dentist in North Vancouver maintains a flexible schedule here at the office in order to work on last-minute appointment bookings.

Common Dental Emergencies

Some common dental emergencies that our general dentist has addressed in the past include, but are not limited to:

Cracked tooth or teeth
Broken tooth or teeth
Knocked-out tooth or teeth
Infected gums
Inflamed or swollen gums
Significant tooth or gum pain
Damaged crowns or bridges

By offering a range of dental services, Parkgate Village Dental Centre is able to address a variety of issues that are often considered an emergency.

A Kid-Friendly Dental Office

Visiting the dentist for regular cleaning can be fairly stressful for some children, but doing so under more serious circumstances like a broken or cracked tooth can be even more so. We here at Parkgate Village Dental Centre recognize that adults aren’t the only patients who sometimes require our prompt appointments. Children deal with dental emergencies too. Whether it’s a swelling or a toothache emergency, our dentist takes the extra time and care to ensure children feel comfortable and safe in our office.

Contact Parkgate Village Dental Centre and learn more about how our office accommodates dental emergencies for children and adults.

In Case of Emergency

The doctor’s phone is available

24/7 for emergencies.

After hours, call 604-202-8587

Methods of Payment

We will direct-bill your dental insurance for your convenience.

Write to Your Local Emergency Dentist in North Vancouver

Feel free to ask us any questions and tell us more about your dental issues by filling out our eform below.

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