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Comprehensive Family Dentistry in North Vancouver

At Parkgate Village Dental Centre, we're more than just a dental clinic; we're a community cornerstone in North Vancouver. We understand that family comes first, and we're committed to providing top-tier dental care for every family member, from the youngest to the eldest. If you or anyone in your family is experiencing any kind of dental problems, feel free to come by our clinic or contact us today.

Here is a breakdown of the family dentistry services we provide in North Vancouver:

  • Preventative dentistry

    The foundation of good dental health lies in prevention. Regular check-ups are more than just a quick look; they are comprehensive exams that monitor the health of your gums, teeth, and overall oral environment. With our state-of-the-art equipment and trained eyes, we can spot and address potential concerns before they escalate. This not only saves you time and potential discomfort but also ensures the longevity of your radiant smile.


  • Cavities and fillings

    Cavities can happen to the best of us. But with the advancements in dental technology, treating them has become a seamless process. Our team uses materials that match the natural look of your teeth, ensuring that after the procedure, your tooth not only regains its function but also looks untouched. And throughout the process, your comfort remains our utmost priority.


  • Oral hygiene

    Proper oral hygiene is a daily commitment. And while brushing and flossing may seem straightforward, the right technique can make all the difference. During your visit, our team will provide hands-on guidance on the best practices, ensuring you're equipped with the knowledge to maintain optimal oral health. We'll also recommend products that best suit your individual needs, ensuring your at-home routine is both effective and efficient.


  • Regular dental check-ups

    We value the trust you place in us to care for your family's dental needs. Regular visits allow us to build a relationship with each member, understanding their unique needs, and monitoring any changes over time. These visits are essential in creating a personalized dental care plan, ensuring that every individual gets the specific care they require.

VELscope® Exam Available

Make sure your mouth stays healthy with a VELscope® exam. One of our VELscope® oral health exams takes just 2 minutes to conduct. We'll be able to detect any abnormalities to ensure your oral health stays great.

woman with white teeth smile

Join Us: Where Every Smile Matters

Every smile tells a story, and we're here to ensure yours remains bright, confident, and healthy. Whether it's your child's first visit, a routine check, or addressing specific concerns, our doors are always open. Let us be a part of your journey to optimal dental health and beautiful smiles for years to come.

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